Who are Broken Record?

Daniel comes from an education of film, media and theatre. Graduating from the International Film School of Wales in 2004 with a BA (hons), Daniel was part of the burgeoning Digital film revolution. He later graduated from the University of Portsmouth with an MA in Writing and Directing for Performance, in which he had a sold out play.

His knowledge of film making, and desire to be inventive has led him to working with various bands, charities and on projects within Hampshire. He has worked with BioPure Technologies, the Pompey Supporters Trust, Bellyeyesmile, Pilot Promotions, Action Stations and more.

Raised on a diet of Star Wars, Dinosaurs, Comic books, Music, Video Games and Motion Pictures, Daniel has turned himself into a Pop-Culture blender, and added it all to his design and comic work.

He can be found under the names Daniel J. Cook, Mr Daniel, and Scruffyhightops.

He also has an IMDB page apparently…